Control Desks and PC Consoles

While designing any desk/console, it is essential to consider human factors and minimize occupational hazards of the Operator or User. TAN SWA offers such ergonomically designed customized Control Desks, PC Consoles & Control Room Furniture according to customer requirement.

Our Range includes:

  • PC & Server Consoles
  • Workstation Consoles
  • Operator Desks
  •  SCADA/ HMI / Monitor Consoles
  •  Control Desk
  •  Joystick Operation Desk
  •  Swivelling Monitor Console
  •  Control Room Furniture
  •  Pushbutton Stations & Control Post

TAN SWA has manufactured more than 700 varieties of desks in last 25 years. Being located in Navi Mumbai, our supplied Panels are working not only in India but also in various countries like Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia KSA, Oman, Kuwait and also in Austria, Germany, USA, Australia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Nigeria, China, South Korea, Bangladesh, Zambia etc.

Typical Order Cycle for Control Desks

We offer customization in every aspect of the desks including Shape, Size, MOC etc.
Here are few options from which you can pick and choose as per your requirement.

  • CRCA Powder Coated
  • Stainless Steel SS-304 / SS-316
MOC of Table Top
  • Powder Coated
  • Laminated Marie Ply/ MDF Board
  • Stainless Steel SS-304 / SS-316
CPUOn Drawout Type Tray
On Fixed Tray
  • Enclosed Cover Type
  • Open Table Placement
  • Cantilever Type Extension
  • C Section Plinth
  • Adjustable Height Screw Mount
  • Direct Mounted Cabinet
  • With Castor Wheels
  • With Anti-Vibration Pad