Purge Panels

What is a Purge Panel?

It is a solution for using electrical/electronic devices in hazardous areas containing flammable gases, conductive dust, corrosive gases & combination of these. In purge panels or purged enclosures, there is a positive pressure maintained inside the enclosure to prevent entry of outside gases in the enclosure. This ensures that the internal devices are protected from hostile & hazardous gases/vapours in atmosphere.

Protection by Purging Panels is based on Fire Triangle Principle

Fire can be prevented by removal of any of the following elements in reference to electrical panels

Fuel- Removal of Combustible / Explosive Gases & Fumes by purging

Ignition- 1) Avoiding Ignition Capable Apparatus
2) Cutting off Power to Ignition Capable Apparatus

Oxygen- Preventing Exposure to Atmospheric Air by Jacketing with Neutral Gas

How Protection is Achieved ?

1st Level – Creation of Safe Condition 
Instrument quality air is used to pressurize the enclosure. This flushes out any contamination around the internal components. Nitrogen is used in case of fuel fumes.

2nd Level – Maintaining the Safe Condition 
The pressure inside panel is maintained at a level higher than atmosphere so that outside gases cannot enter the panel. This ensures safe operation throughout life. 

3rd Level – Prevention of Safety Violation
Drop in enclosure pressure generates alarm for corrective action and cuts off power supply to Ignition Capable Apparatus inside the Purge Panel. 

Comparison with Conventional Flameproof Panels – Ex-d Type

  • Traditionally, Explosionproof/ Flameproof Enclosures are used for safe operation in hazardous area following standard IS/IEC 60079-1 : 2007,Equipment Protection by Flameproof Enclosures "Ex- d" . 
    These enclosures are mostly Die-Cast Aluminium Alloy and hence have practical limitation of size. They are economical for smaller size applications. Also, primary objective of Explosion proof Enclosures is ‘Containment of Explosion’ rather than ‘Prevention of Explosion’. 

    Purging Panels can overcome these limitations with its specially fabricated IP 66 Enclosures and Pressure Monitoring Mechanism. 
    They are based on latest standard IS/IEC- 60079-2: 2014, Equipment Protection by Pressurized Enclosure 'p" Purge Panels are supplied with instrument quality air at sufficient flow and pressure to ensure pressure build up inside the Panel. The Pressure is maintained inside the Purge Panel through regulator mechanism along with monitoring and tripping system in case of failure. 

    We manufacture Purge Panels for
    • Hazardous Gases / Vapours: Zone 1 & Zone 2 Gas Group- IIA, IIB, IIC as per IEC600079-2.
      Hazardous Gases / Vapours: Class I, Division 1 & Division 2, Gas Group A, B, C &D as per NFPA 496.

    • Combustible Dust: Zone 21 & Zone 22 as per IEC600079-2 
      Combustible Dust: Class II, Division 1 & Division 2 as per NFPA 496

    We take pride in saying that we have supplied over 300 Purge Panels for various applications and they are functioning without a single failure till now

    Salient features of our Purge Panels are:

    • ATEX/ CCOE/ UL Certified Purging System
    • Enclosure MOC-MS Powder Coated/SS-304/ SS-316
    • X-Type/ Z-Type / Y- Type Purging System
    • No restriction on size of enclosure
    • Vortex Cooling Option Available
    • Purge panels for rectifiers/ transformers upto 100KVA
    • Purge Panels for Safe Area Corrosion Prevention/ 

      Our supplied Panels are working not only in India but also in various countries like Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia KSA, Oman, Kuwait and also in Austria, Germany, USA, Australia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Nigeria, China, South Korea, Bangladesh, Zambia etc